To my own Stepmum

Dear Stepmum

I was having a think about the random path my life is going down and it has really woken me up to what you dealt with when you signed up for our dysfunctional instant-family.

I have never thanked you properly for everything you have ever done for me, and for my dad too.

I really appreciate the constant presence you are in my life, and I truly feel like you have been a very positive influence on me growing up – so thank you.

Thank you for giving me second chances. And for caring. And for our many long and random conversations in the kitchen – I loved those. Thank you for being there for dad since the beginning, even though it has been really really hard for you, too.

Thank you for being an amazing step mum and for bringing so many experiences into my life that I never would have had without you. I really respect your work ethic, and your commitment (or stubbornness, whatever you want to call it).

Thank you for being so funny! and for being honest with me, that’s important. I feel like I have always known where I stand with you.

Thank you for putting up with my crap and attitude when I was living in your home. Thank you for being so willing to open your home to me.

Thank you for my little brother. I cannot believe he is ten now. What a beautiful and thoughtful young man you have raised, I am so proud to call him my brother.

Thank you for taking such a big chance to come and be a part of our family. I love having you in my life.

I really appreciate you.

Thank you


A is for amazing, arty, amorous, adventurous, alcoholic, alone, antagonistic, arresting.

A is for ageless.

A is for Anna.

Anna is for mum, godmother, friend, angel, nightmare, lady, aunt, teacher, role-model, confidant.

Do you know we still think about you, still eat edamame for you, still drink wine for you, still laugh at you, still cry about you?

I wish you could have met my fiance, I wish you would be there at my wedding, I wish you could meet my children, I wish I could hear you laugh, I wish I could hear your stories, I wish you could give me advice.

Thank you for teaching me how to do my make-up, thank you for showing me that life is precious, thank you for being my mum’s best friend, thank you for teaching me that it is ok not to be friends with everyone, thank you for saying what was on your mind.

I knew you my whole life – I wish I had known you more.